What to Watch: 07/04/2016

Let’s call this our “Independence Day” … but then, like Martina McBride and Bill Pullman, we say that every day. It’s time to eat our July 4th cake, play our July 4th songs, decorate our July 4th tree, and watch our July 4th shows. Here’s our suggestions for you.

A Capitol Fourth [PBS, 8p]
Smokey Robinson, the Broadway cast of “On Your Feet!” and a crapload of other people pay tribute to America on its birthday before the Nation’s capital delivers the greatest fireworks display in America.

UnREAL [Lifetime, 9p]
I’m nervous/annoyed with how much Rachel is mixing business with pleasure this season. She tries to overcome every obstacle by using sex. When Coleman invites her to be his date to the Impact Awards I am praying Rachel does not sleep with him. Don’t do it girl, that’s just next-level messy.

Coming to America [Comedy, 6p]
Sure there’s fireworks and all the extravaganzas you want, but why not celebrate the U.S.’s birthday with this classic – perhaps Eddie Murphy’s high point – where Murphy is an African prince who travels from the fictional African country of Zamunda to find his queen – where else, in Queens.



  • Ghosts and mass extinctions mark the first season finale of Houdini & Doyle, tonight on FOX.
  • Who’s not up to see Luther perform feats of strength and derring. The Idris Elba abides tonight on No Limits on Discovery.
  • The mistresses of Mistresses have struggles of their own – from shock jocks to PTSD – on ABC.
  • And there’s plenty of choices if you want to watch fires work, there’s Macy’s on NBC and Boston Pops on CBS.




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