Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Preacher

After the close of the HBO season, there wasn’t too much last night to be reviewed, but Preacher on AMC continues strong, beloved my at least most recappers of the night. Ray Donovan‘s return on Showtime has not met with such excitement. As Brian Tallerico at Vulture observes, so far season four has been solid, but overly plot-heavy at the expense of character and dialogue, it “push[es] forward two major arcs and a few minor ones with such aggression that the writing feels a little shallow. The cast simply doesn’t have room to do what they do best. Hopefully, it’s just a short-term consequence of clearing the table to set up the new season.”

Sunday, July 3rd’s Best: Preacher [7.9/10]


The long-awaited adaptation of cult-classic comic Preacher continues to be a Summer find. Zach Handlen at AV Club states “a vibe runs throughout the episode, a feeling that all the pieces that have been shifting around for weeks now are finally sliding together to form something like a whole.” IGN‘s Eric Coleman felt the episode was a bit top-heavy with an unmatchable first act, but “that material alone made this episode one of the best yet.”The only dissent comes from the Vulture corner, where reviewer Scott Meslow has had it with Preacher‘s antics, finding them “exhausting, as we watch the show turn down cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac without any sense that the roads are connected.”

The Rest of the Night:


Ray Donovan – 5.5

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