What to Watch: 07/02/2016

It’s Summer, a good time for second chances, like one of our selections … or indulging in the familiar, as with the other. Ok, it’s just a good time for anything.


Angel from Hell [CBS, 8p]

The critically-panned comedy you thought was cast into the fiery pits of the afterlife finishes its first season with back-to-back episodes, starting tonight. Jane Lynch, the titular angel, finds herself on probation; she later picks up more charges to guard.


The Godfather Epic [Cinemax, 5p]

I’ve always wanted to do this! The two Godfather films that matter cut together in chronological order. Surely, it will lose something in translation, but it’s a fun experiment nonetheless.



  • Alas, all things must come to an end – even Shark Week 2016. But there’s still one day of Sharksanity left on Discovery Channel. Savor it as if it were your last chum.
  • AMC’s Hell on Wheels have been working on that railroad all the live long decade, and guess what comes up on tonight’s episode – complications! It’s just not fair.
  • Staying in the same timeframe, General Custer’s ill-fated stand and Jesse James’ R-rated exploits are at the center of this week’s installment of The American West. AMC has a type.
  • All this week’s family of five on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunters wants is a pool, a pergola, and a kitchen … and we know we’ll all be tuned in to find out just what a pergola is.

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