What to Watch: 06/30/2016


Preacher [AMC, 8p]

AMC’s Preacher has combined a compelling dramatic core with delightfully unsettling narrative shifts and comic book quirkiness to create one of the most exciting shows of the Summer. If you’ve missed it, here’s your chance to catch up, with a re-showing of the first couple episodes. If you’ve been watching, these episodes are enhanced and feature fun featurettes extending the world around conflicted “hero” Jesse Custer.


The Big Lebowski [Fuse, 7:30p]

The only problem with the Coen Bros. best movie is that we can’t all stop at In-N-Out.



  • Quietly, David Duchovny-fronted Aquarius has been doing its little 1960s period piece for a second season, and this week it uncovers one of the Manson-murder houses – before it was occupied by Sharon Tate.
  • British import, Thirteen, airing logically enough on BBC America is getting more-than-solid reviews, and as it’s only the second episode, it’s early enough to hop on the train of the thriller about a 26-year-old woman experiencing the world after 13 years of imprisonment.
  • Lifetime is intent on crushing the hopes and dreams of, well, anybody who might hold to hopes and dreams. Tonight, I Love You…But a Lied and My Crazy Ex both return to put a few more dents in Cupid’s armor.
  • We’d like to stop recommending Lip Sync Battle, but they keep booking such fun stars – which this night includes one of the most successful comedians in creation. Kevin Hart vs. Olivia Munn tonight on Spike.


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