What to Watch: 06/29/2016

There’s no theme running through tonight’s shows – which range from gaudy reality shows to neurotic comedy to dark drama – so we’re not even gonna pretend.

Maron [IFC, 9p]
As the title suggests Marc is at the making amends point in his sobriety and during this time of finally getting his ish together discovers he is a father. Cue gasp.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
Aarón Sánchez is this week’s guest judge, as we whittle the contestants down from 17 through the 60-minute Mystery Box Challenge.

Glengarry Glen Ross [Flix, 8p]
New, original programs?! New, original programs are for closers! Who drink coffee! And who ABC…easy as…1… Anyway, I’m not over-enthused by the night’s fare, so why not watch this classic collection of rhythmic and angry Mamet-at-his-apolitical-prime dialogue wrapped around the shattered lives of some really truly sad people. Second prize is hosting the new version of the Match Game.



  • Sort-of-reality maybe-parody Barely Famous returns to VH1 for a double-shot to start its second season. They’re also airing two episodes of that other “reality” show which I’d rather not name, but people are naked and date on it.
  • The reviews were not overly kind to CBS summer replacement gory procedural American Gothic, but reviewers aren’t always right, even if they are so tasty.
  • Speaking of tepid TV page-turners, FOX has a new helping of Wayward Pines tonight.

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