Our Tuesday Reviews

The Mindy Project – A-

0629mindybox.jpgMoving to Hulu has been especially advantageous for The Mindy Project_, which is suddenly, well, funny. The second half of the season has been especially on-the-nose, delivering laughs and satisfying character development, while staying true to the Fox iteration fans loved so much, and yet, Tuesday’s “TK” was a sweet return to the Mindy of yore, as Morgan goes on a caper to meddle in the ashes of Mindy and Danny’s romance, believing more than they do that Mindy and Danny belong together. (And yet, at no point did anyone say, “We have a child together, of course she’ll always be in my life!”) Mindy is embarking on a new relationship while Danny is engaged to a nurse at his new practice, a bombshell gracefully dropped at the end of the episode in a way that was bittersweet and charming, a reminder of the leaps and bounds Mindy has taken this season.
– Katherine M. Hill

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