What to Watch: 06/27/2016

It’s Monday, or as we like to say here at Screen Scholars, UnREAL Day. So, we’ll start there, but we’ve also got reality, high-concept comedy, cutting political commentary, dark sci-fi, and beyond…

UnREAL [Lifetime, 10p]
Just how far will Quinn go to win? I feel like this is just the beginning.

Top Gear [NBC, 9p]
Testing supercharged cars becomes all that more exciting when you know how much the actor and presenter celebrity hosts despise each other.

Shallow Water Invasion [Discovery, 8p]
Great Whites swim in the shallow Guadalupe waters. Beautiful but terrifying.



  • Is John Oliver or Samantha Bee the true heir apparent of Jon Stewart? We just want both on more than one day, but we’ll take the Full Frontal with Samantha Bee that is on tonight on TBS.
  • Also on TBS, Angie Tribeca has grown more silly and more brilliant in its second season. Tonight, they take on a case of a dead centenarians.
  • This week on 12 Monkeys, the leads go into both their and our distant past, 1957.

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