What to Watch: 06/26/2016

It’s the busiest night in ages – HBO goes out, Showtime comes back in, and BET hands out awards … there’s also some international sporting event called the Olympics starting up, and that’s along with that soccer tournament going on across the ocean. It’s so crowded, we’ve enlisted all four editors with multiple selections to alleviate your TV decision-making.


Roadies [Showtime, 10p]

Cameron Crowe’s new Showtime drama, about “the unsung heroes of rock doesn’t sit right,” follows the crew that keeps an arena band sounding great. It looks like a lot of deep conversation on the tour bus and a lot of hanging around warehouse arenas, but the involvement of Winnie Holzman is promising.


Game of Thrones [HBO, 9p]

After the epic episode last week where we all got what we wanted I’m sure someone will have to pay this week. Someone is going to die tonight but who???


Veep [HBO, 10:30p]

It really was a toss-up for me between this and its lead-in’s finale, both of which have had thrilling seasons. I’m gonna go with the denouement of Veep as we watch Hugh Laurie’s Tom James (presumably) ascend to the presidency, and, quite possibly offer our heroine her old job back – and resolve the title disagreement … and ease my mind.


Preacher [AMC, 10p]

Tulip and Cassidy have an interesting meeting. Jesse continues to grapple with supernatural force inside him. And we’ll likely see more of Arseface – or as he’s known on the show, Eugene.


2016 BET Awards [BET, 8p]

Maybe now we’ll get a proper Prince tribute.


Game Show Night [ABC, 8p]

A trio of all-time classic game shows return – starting with the ever-present Celebrity Family Feud featuring families of Ernie Hudson, Lance Bass, and others. The Feud will be followed by $100000 Pyramid with new host Michael Strahan and Match Game led by Alec Baldwin. Hopefully, the latter will keep his cool, and not lose his blank on the blank.



  • This week on HBO’s Silicon Valley‘s finale, Richard apparently gets yelled at a lot, while Pied Piper tries to stay alive for one more day/week/year by any means necessary.
  • Showtime’s premiere night also includes the return of Ray Donovan with our “hero” a total mess and in recovery.
  • A star quarterback is offed in public on the third[?!?} season debut of Murder in the First on TNT.
  • TVLand’s The Jim Gaffigan Show notched another classic episode last week with the controversial tweet exploring “The Trial.” Tonight, he has to deal with one of the trails of being a wanted character actor.





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