What to Watch: 06/24/2016

Newton N. Minow coined the phrase “vast wasteland” over a half century ago, and while we obvs don’t agree as it’s become thousands of times more “vast,” it can be harder to deny in June…but don’t despair as we can find a little something something for every night of the year.

Shark Week Kickoff [Discovery, 10p]
It’s shark week! Tune in this week to the Discovery Channel for such gems as “Shark After Dark,” “Jaws of the Deep,” and, if you dare “Sharks Among Us.” Tonight you can catch a preview. Or go see Blake Lively in “The Shallows”. Whatever.

2016 NHL Draft [NBC Sports, 7p]
Gotta rep one of the Big 4 sports leagues having their draft in my family’s hometown. Buffalo, New York hosts – and has the number eight pick – as a bunch of super-talented hockey hopefuls hear their names called and dreams fulfilled.

As Time Goes By [PBS, 8:30p]
This British comedy, stars Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmers as two true loves who were separated by war but reunited later in life, and settle into the lifestyle one finds in a warm, sitcom in the United Kingdom. Get cozy, you deserve it.



  • If Olympics fever hasn’t struck you yet (and we’re not talking that very real fever that’s making it harder to keep up our upbeat, slightly snarky tone here), check out tonight’s feature on NBC highlighting the unique training site of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team, The Ranch: Home of an American Sports Dynasty.
  • The Cinemax series Outcast has been fairly overlooked for all its above average reviews and its Robert Kirkman pedigree. But it has been renewed for a second season, so no excuse to not check it out.
  • Larry Wilmore joins Bill Maher on tonight’s Real Time on HBO.
  • One time inspiration to millions, now better known as convicted killer Oscar Pistorius speaks on 20/20 tonight.

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