What to Watch: 06/22/2016

It’s a night of reality show all-stars — from marrying chefs to housewives that are real to that bunch of people thrown together in a house. We also see the debuts of a sports talk show by an ESPN ex-pat with many, many opinions, and a promising noir-ish murder mystery.

American Gothic [CBS, 10p]
As GoT comes to an end this week I’m currently taking applications for a new summer show to watch and scream about on Facebook. Could this be it? The Stephen Spielberg produced series follows the reopening of a murder investigation in Boston as a family discovers one of their own could be linked to the crimes.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
The 18 contestants must cater the wedding for season six homecook Nick Nappi.
After a very public split with ESPN, Bill Simmons brings his particular brand of affable confrontation to HBO, a home which between Real SportsReal Talk, and Last Week Tonight, has thrived on these sorts of provocative news/talk hybrids with charismatic hosts.
  • It’s the kickoff for Big Brother‘s 18th season tonight on CBS, if that’s your sort of bag.
  • The ladies get matching annulments on this week’s Another Period on Comedy Central. We don’t mean to be negative, but we’re gonna bet some complications pop up.
  • While this season of Wayward Pines has been a bit of a change-up, you can always count on secrets and lies. On FOX.

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