Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Person of Interest

Given the outstanding season Person of Interest is having, it’s not exactly a stunner that it would stick the landing on its series finale. “Return 0” achieves about as perfect of a perfect score as can be. There’s not a whole lot of competition either. The third episode of ripped-from-the-arthouse Animal Kingdom scores a tepid response. TV Fanatic‘s Ashley Bissette Sumerel nominally enjoys it, but notes “these are unlikable characters for the most part, but they do all have redeeming qualities.” That A now has a second initial (“D”) is just one of Jessica Goldstein at Vulture‘s concerns with the return of Pretty Little Liars. It still outpaces the David Schwimmer restaurant story Feed the Beast, which has taken up secure lodging at the bottom rung of the Tuesday line-up.

Tuesday, June 21st’s Best: Person of Interest (10.0/10)


This is it, and what an it this is. Staring down oblivion, with a Kurt Vonnegut-inspired computer virus waging war with out heroes, Person of Interest, as AV Club‘s LaToya Ferguson eloquently puts it, “had to go ahead and be Person Of Interest one last time, complete with a little narrative-bending structure, just for old time’s sake.” Matt Fowler at IGN dubbed it “exquisite. A fitting, moving end for a great series.”

The Rest of the Night:


Animal Kingdom – 7.5

Pretty Little Liars – 6.0

Feed the Beast – 5.5

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