What to Watch: 06/21/2016

There’s a definite sense of variety — including an actual variety show — on this Tuesday night, from real-life adventurers to self-destructive families, and the end of the line for one of CBS’ most successful standalone shows of the last decade.

Person of Interest [CBS, 10p]
It’s been one hell of a final season for the Jim Caviezel/Michael Emerson techno-thriller, and it all comes to a head tonight — and I cannot look away.

Casual [Hulu]
Val is hoping to find a new tribe while picking a homeschool group for Laura and Alex is fighting change as per usual denying invetors to come in and save the day. Seems like we always want validation from those who don’t really give a care.

Bert the Conqueror [Travel, 8p]

Can Bert withstand a hurling of 15 tons of tomatoes at Seattle’s Tomato Battle? Uh, yeah.



  • It’s probably the definition of insanity, but I still hold out hope for Maya & Marty on NBC.
  • While TBS’ Wrecked does not possess the sharp wit of network-mate Angie Tribeca, it’s still a pretty funny ride, so far.
  • A is still strong in the mischief, and the Pretty Little Liars ladies are still on the run on Freeform.

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