Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: The Fosters

It’s something new at the top, as ABC Fam…we mean FreeForm (we’ll never get used to that) program The Fosters shows up in the roundup for the first time — and takes the night. On the other end of the spectrum, reality show soap opera UnREAL finally went too far as the Chet sideshow overshadowed the real drama between sociopathic besties Quinn & Rachel. Gwen Ihnat at AV Club contends it’s fun to watch him flail, but “he’s a ridiculous buffoon kind of villain, who is so clearly outmatched by Quinn and Rachel that, like them, we just think he’s in the way.” It shares the bottom rung of the night with the flatlined on arrival BrainDead.

Tuesday, June 20th’s Best: The Fosters (9.0/10)


While The Fosters, the tale of a blended family, has earned quiet lauds, it’s usually of the it’s-better-than-you-might-think variety. However, last night, taking on critical favorites like UnREAL and 12 Monkeys, and centering on one of the most timely of topics (gun violence), the Freeform show wins the night. Actor Rob Morrow (Mr. Northern Exposure) directs a thrilling episode. Vulture‘s Maggie Fremont admits “I clutched my hand to my mouth for about 75 percent of this episode. It was that intense.” Jasmine Blu at TV Fanatic agreed “that was a truly harrowing hour!”

The Rest of the Night:


Reign – 9.0

12 Monkeys – 8.6

UnREAL – 6.9

BrainDead – 6.9

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