Thursday’s Best (Only) Reviewed: Orphan Black

Clones vs. bots: that was the only game in town, as Syfy’s wonderful, if insanely convoluted, Orphan Black, held its fourth season finale last night, and while it wasn’t one of its best reviewed episodes, it WAS the only major show on air.

Thursday, June 16th’s Best: Orphan Black (7.9/10)


Evie Cho has been deposed, and the new baddie of the day is Van Lier…or is it Susan…or Rachel. The finale was a whirlwind as deceptions came from all angles, with the most hapless clones, Ira and Krystal, providing some comic distractions amid dark plans that could doom almost every Orphan Black characters we’ve come to love. Reviews weren’t raves, but no one really panned the episode either. It’s less that critics are annoyed with the show, but that they are merely exhausted. As AV Club‘s Lisa Weidenfeld puts it “Orphan Black signs off with everyone in peril.” Max Nicholson at IGN feels it “was certainly an eventful episode, even if it raised more questions than answers,” but faintly praises it a “decent episode.”

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