Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Person of Interest

CBS techno-thriller Person of Interest is going out with a flourish, scoring high ratings with pretty much every episode, including last night’s penultimate episode of the series, which takes yet another night as it races to erase itself. Runnering-up, it’s the latest in the barrage of unlikely movies to be transformed into a TV series; this time, it’s the 2010 critically favored Aussie film Animal Kingdom, with Ellen Barkin taking on the role which earned Jacki Weaver an Academy Award nomination. Reviews are relatively tepid, but AV Club‘s Kenji Fujishima picks out the actor who plays J for particular praise, noting “Finn Cole does such an impressive job of conveying an elusive, mysterious quality through his laconicism. Such aloofness characterizes the show as a whole so far, with only the slick, sunny Oceanside, California, settings offering any sense of glamour.” After a hopeful second episode, grittily shot restaurant-based crime show Feed the Beast bottoms out with one of the lower aggregate grades we’ve seen.

Tuesday, June 14th’s Best: Person of Interest (8.9/10)

0615yesbesperson.jpgCBS is not generally the spot for critical raves, but the final season of Jim Caviezel/Michael Emerson thriller Person of Interest has been on a roll. IGN‘s Matt Fowler labels the episode “amazing” and marvels “the combination of alternate Machine-free lives and the final fifteen minutes (Finch vs. Greer, Finch in God Mode, Reese and Shaw as back up, Samaritan reaching out to Finch before its flickering demise) made ‘.exe’ a tremendous penultimate chapter.” The excellent LaToya Ferguson at AV Club initially questioned the premise, and the audacity of presenting a concept episode with one airing left, but ultimately decides “Person Of Interest takes all of those assumptions about what ‘.exe’ will be like from that very first “what if?” simulation and decides to flip them on their head.”

The Rest of the Night:


Animal Kingdom – 7.3

Feed the Beast – 4.5

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