Monday’s Best Reviewed: UnREAL

Rachel is losing her shit yet again on UnREAL, like yesterday and the day before, and while the critics aren’t eating it up at the level of last week’s, it’s enough to win the Monday night this week. Last week’s winner, Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, continued its excellence with what IGN‘s Christine Seghers called “yet another strong episode that managed to balance several separate stories while not feeling disjointed.” The worst reviews of the night were reserved for BrainDead, the new concoction from The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King featuring ants, zombies, and congresscritters. It was not exactly savaged, and Vulture‘s Lauren Hoffman points out, “don’t be too nervous about BrainDead just yet, even though the pilot doesn’t immediately establish the show as appointment television (if appointment television even exists anymore). It’s just doing what pilots do.”

Monday, June 15th’s Best: UnREAL (8.5/10)


Last year, this writer was fortunate to come in late to UnREAL, a tardiness which allowed me to binge the first season, making the weekly wait this season all the more torturous. Gwen Ihnat of AV Club knows how that feels, averring “there’s no show like UnREAL on TV, and this episode is even more intense than the last one. I’m practically tortured between episodes, waiting for next week. If there was ever a show made for binge-watching, this is it.” TV Fanatic‘s Paul Dailly is less overwhelmed overall, but heaps praise on Shiri Appleby’s lead character, “Rachel is one of the best written characters on television. We get to see all of these different layers to her, and it makes it all the more worthwhile.”

The Rest of the Night:


12 Monkeys – 8.1

Reign – 8.0

BrainDead – 7.2

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