Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Silicon Valley

On the busiest night of the television week, HBO bookends the night with both best and worst rated shows. It’s been one of the best seasons yet for Julia Louis-Dreyfuss led comedy Veep, so it was due an off-episode as they slide towards a finale as possible newly-minted Congressman an well-established blowhard Jonah Ryan could hold the fate of President Selina Meyer in his hands. As AV Club‘s Kate Kulzick puts it, it’s not a terrible episode, but one that “leaves too many of its characters inactive, sacrificing the series’ traditional high energy and ensemble feel.” On the other end, its lead-in, Silicon Valley, is getting its groove back, after a season that began on a high before losing a bit of focus. With a surprisingly warm episode which adds impressive depth to its characters, especially Erlich, the HBO tech-crunching show wins the night pretty handily. The third HBO original, Game of Thrones, runners-up with the second episode of the season resurrecting a beloved main character. While it doesn’t earn raves, Matt Fowler at IGN sums it up well with “it was still good to see how so much of this story tied back to the first three seasons.”

Sunday, June 12th’s Best: Silicon Valley (9.4/10)


Erlich’s fall on Silicon Valley turned out to be more poignant and sympathetic than anyone could have expected, and the episode chronicling it wins the Sunday recapper reviews. We loved its warmth. Vulture‘s Odie Henderson marvels at the character work, exclaiming “Who knew Erlich Bachman had the potential for martyrdom?” Les Chappell at AV Club touts the show’s return to form, pointing out how “by centering on the show’s most important friendship—and surprising us with a few welcome character returns—events find the high gear that’s eluded the show of late,” labeling it one of “the best episodes of the season.” It’s almost all perfect scores, except for one, and in this long-in-the-tooth metaphor, the East German judge is played by IGN‘s Max Nicholson, who enjoyed it well enough, but felt the “main storyline here wasn’t quite as entertaining as developments past.”

The Rest of the Night:


Game of Thrones – 8.5

Penny Dreadful – 8.3

Preacher – 7.6

Veep – 7.0

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