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Silicon Valley – A

0613siliconbox.jpgSo there it is, the hideous jacket that’s been teased since the earliest trailers for season three, and man did they get use out of it — from Jared’s oblivious embrace of it, to Guilfoyle’s torturing of Dinesh with it, to its accidental causation of the action that fuels Erlich’s accidental career-self-immolation. But the comedy around the memorable-for-the-wrong-reasons outerwear was secondary to the evolution of Erlich. A few weeks ago, it would be hard to imagine feeling much sympathy for this narcissistic bag of bombast, but part of Silicon Valley‘s genius is in humanizing its capable buffoons. It’s become clear that Erlich’s grating facade comes from an inability to make friends, in spite of an odd charm that has served him well into his thirties in the tech world. While he’s also certainly concerned with being seen as a historic failure for blowing his money and selling his Pied Piper stock, he’s also forlorn about losing his last friends in his Pied Piper houseguests. Even his onetime protege Jian Yang hangs around only to harass and humiliate him (and “It’s Jian Yang calling me to insult me. I have to take this call” is one of the funniest lines of the night). It’s some very-needed warmth when Richard — having found out Erlich’s been left broke by Laurie’s shrewd dealings and lack of empathy — conjures up a way to keep him in the fold without shredding too much of his dignity.

Meanwhile, Guilfoyle bests Dinesh, Jared fawns and coos, Monica juggles the neuroses surrounding her, Pied Piper continues to blow up, and Gavin Belson finally gets ousted by from his own company by Hooli’s board. One of the greatest, and most wonderfully baffling scenes comes when Belson runs into Action Jack as they are both jetting to Jackson Hole; I’m not sure if it’s to set up a future alliance, if it’s a cheeky fake out (as they decide to play chess on their own separate planes), if it’s a commentary on wealth and waste. or on how even middle aged men are now hiding behind technology, but it’s one of those random, wonderful moments that Silicon Valley has mastered.
– Jason Thurston

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