Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Orphan Black

So, it’s pretty much an open field for Orphan Black, but we feel it was one hell of an episode, and most recappers felt the same.

Thursday, June 9th’s Best: Orphan Black (9.0/10)


Syfy’s premier clone war program had one hell of an action-packed episode en route to its fourth season finale next week. Vulture‘s Devon Maloney loved it, but was stunned at the main twist: “welp, I did not see that coming at all.” Caralynn Lippo of TV Fanatic enjoys the nuances, especially with this episode’s closest thing to a focal character, Rachel: “I continue to enjoy the fact that they’re refusing to soften Rachel. They’ve complicated her character and given her enough depth to make her more sympathetic as of late, but they’re refusing to go a full-redemption route, a la Helena.” AV Club‘s Lisa Weidenfeld was a bit more sanguine about the episode, giving it a “B,” but definitely happy about one character’s return, hailing “a welcome return for Helena, who we will now be calling the “deus ex Helena” for her ability to show up in a timely fashion to rescue the Hendrixes.”


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