Our Thursday Reviews

Orphan Black – A

0610orphanbox.jpgPerhaps the best tribute I can give to last night’s offering of Syfy’s Orphan Black is how giddy I feel about next week’s fourth season finale. “The Mitigation of Competition” featured power struggles, triple-crosses, basically nothing but razzle-dazzle and the exhilarating return of Sesstra Helena sporting a coonskin cap while shooting arrows through baddies’ necks. It’s the second straight week where one of the clones seemed to have bagged on their sisters — this time it was even more believable as who expects all that much fraternity out of one-time Neolution exec Rachel. However, it would have been a longshot to expect her to lead a mother and baby to their death at Evie Cho’s hands, and, no, her game was a takedown (that was admittedly a bit too easy) of Ms. Cho by her own recorded words. The damning text during a press conference has become an overused trope, but I’d be lying if it weren’t a fun comeuppance. Meanwhile, Adele’s arc seems to be at its end as Felix chooses to protect her from the clone conspiracy — which is a shame as her tossed off Southernisms were just starting to get good — “are you stepping to me, little triplet,” indeed. With all the action swirling around, it was easy to miss just who popped up alive in the little coda.
– Jason Thurston

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