Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: The Americans

While there were very few original programs of note last night, the two that received reviews were significant. One of the best reviewed shows of the past few years finished up its fourth season with an episode that draws its lowest (although still pretty safely in A-/B+ territory) scores of year. However, that’s still more than enough to beat out a dramatic episode of the polarizing sci-fi puzzler Wayward Pines featuring, as Vulture‘s Craig D. Lindsey points out, the “always welcome return” of Melissa Leo.

Wednesday, June 8th’s Best: The Americans (8.3/10)


With a finale featuring biological terror and martyrdom, in addition to the usual deceptions and double-crosses, The Americans marches into 1984, in the process taking the Wednesday night for the last time this year. Erik Adams of AV Club waxes poetic about the biological threat as stand-in for the Russian spies’ endeavors, feeling it’s an “episode and a season that call[s] for [poetry].” For Vulture‘s Genevieve Koski, the apt metaphor is family and home. TV Fanatic‘s Carissa Pavlica is the closest thing to a dissenter, positing the episode is a bit bereft of action. “It’s almost as if we were taken to the edge of a cliff and dangled over it in the middle of a conversation.”

The Rest of the Night:


Wayward Pines – 6.7

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