What to Watch: 06/08/2016

It’s the Silly Season, and if you can pry yourself away from reacting to political screeds (ok, maybe it’s just me), here’s the good stuff on TV.

Wayward Pines [Fox, 9p]
Tonight’s episode is called “Once Upon A Time In Wayward Pines,” which would be a great means to host a crossover with Once Upon A Time. Because much like the towns of Eureka and Storyville, Wayward Pines is a town you can never leave! But you know who can help with that? Emma!

Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce [Fuse, 11p]
The Queen is back following her successful tour with a plethora of creative projects to broaden her empire just when health concerns threaten to derail everything.

Highlander [BBC America, 8:30p]
With all that’s going on in the world today, this classic 1986 adventure where “there can be only one” seems appros pos.



  • There’s always one of the best shows on television. Tonight on FX’s The Americans, the rollercoaster ride of a fourth season wraps up with the daughter feeling the lure of the spy game.
  • On the 100th episode of Royal Pains (really, wow?!?), Hank spends some time as an actual ER doctor.
  • NFL Defensive End JJ Watt is co-hosting the CMT Music Awards in his quest to haunt the South’s dreams. Also, presumably, there will be a bunch of country music singers and songwriters.
  • It’s part two of the seventh season of MasterChef tonight on FOX.
  • If you want to follow the true story of a transgender person who was not an Olympic athlete and has never — as far as we know — had to keep up with a single Kardashian, check out the second season of the critically lauded TLC reality show I Am Jazz.

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