Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Person of Interest

On the day the 2016 Presidential field was whittled down to two, Person of Interest won yet another June evening running virtually unopposed. AMC’s new restaurant/crime drama Feed the Beast earned a solid rating from AV Club‘s Scott Von Doviak who felt the second episode “improves on the pilot in several respects while retaining enough of its flaws to ensure it’s still a long way from appointment viewing.”

Tuesday, June 7th’s Best: Person of Interest (8.6/10)


With the President as a POI, it wasn’t poised to be an ordinary episode of the CBS procedural, an it ended on a big reveal — although very few will be as the show races through its endgame. IGN‘s Matt Fowler had reservations, but still loved it. It “may not have been the intense, Samaritan-heavy episode we were hoping for following last week’s traumatic ‘The Day the World Went Away,’ but I loved loved loved the reveal, right at the end, of Team Machine 2.0. Sean McKenna of TV Fanatic “certainly enjoyed finding out that the ranks of the POI team aren’t so small anymore, but I am eager to dive into this final battle and see just how it will all end for Finch.”

The Rest of the Night:


Feed the Beast – 6.0


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