What to Watch: 06/07/2016


It’s June, there’s still good new shows. That’s been the theme of this here intro for a week. Here we go!

Casual [Hulu]
Ah my fave dysfunctional family is back today picking up right where they left off. How will Alex cope with the betrayal of his sis Val? After Val’s sexcapades have blown up in her face one way or another it’l be nice to see her focus on something else this season, like I dunno, making friends? At least Alex has Leon after all, who is awesome. Looking forward to more great writing and uncomfortable mother-daughter interactions in this season and hopefully a little growing up for everyone!

Casual [Hulu]
For the second day in a row, I concur with Navani here. She’s said it pretty well all.

Big Freedia [Fuse, 11p]
Big Freedia, Queen Diva is back, but… GIRL, YOU ALREADY KNOW! This season will unspool the dramas and tribulations of Freedia’s life, professionally, personally, and financially. Freedia will come out on top, you besta believe it.



  • CBS procedural-thriller Person of Interest has been critically killing it lately as it approaches its end. Today the titular POI is the President. Whaaaat?!?
  • If you loved the first offering of AMC’s Feed the Beast, you don’t have to wait long for the second helping. It’s tonight, if you haven’t guessed from context clues.
  • Food Network is dishing out episodes of both Chopped and Chopped Junior tonight.
  • Comedian Bert “The Machine” Kreischer races on water and against cheese tonight on the Travel Channel, as Bert the Conqueror returns for a third season.

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