Monday’s Best Reviewed: 12 Monkeys

Only two shows qualify from last night’s offerings, but it’s hardly the dregs as both earn a nine or above rating. The return of cult and critical favorite UnREAL — Lifetime, who knew you had it in ya — brings the love. As AV Club‘s Gwen Inhat puts it, “There is absolutely nothing else on TV like UnREAL” before, as here, pointing out the lack of programming this time of year, and imploring that it gives “you virtually no reason not to be watching Lifetime’s game-changing, Peabody Award-winning series as it kicks off its season two.” We loved it too. However, another cult and critical favorite in its second season takes the night as Syfy’s 12 Monkeys wins this June Monday with an episode which features characters attempting to prevent the very hook of the series.

Monday, June 6th’s Best: 12 Monkeys (9.7/10)


It would take what TV Fanatic‘s Henry A. Otero calls “another near perfect episode” to win the night. He then acknowledges his persistent fete-ing of the program, but adds “Lullaby” “was not only a thrill ride, but it was one of those hours that tugs at our heartstrings as well.” However, he’s certainly not alone as Christine Seghers of IGN calls the episode that “began with a literal bang” “amazing.”

The Rest of the Night:


UnREAL – 9.0

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