Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Veep

Color Senator Tom James flabbergasted (as you see in the banner pic), Veep‘s non-titular Veep was sideswiped by Hurricane Selina as the onetime-Veep, now (for now) President as she scrambled — and effectively so — to undo his machinations, all after, well, the spoiler is in the picture below. And it’s great television, as HBO wins another Sunday night with Veep‘s “Congressional Ball.” HBO also holds the bottom spot in this week’s Sunday night round-up, as Veep‘s lead-in, Silicon Valley, is not exactly savaged for its episode leading up to their product launch, just fails to wow on a night where no show is getting particularly bad reviews.

Sunday, June 5th’s Best: Veep (9.7/10)


Tom James played himself, ultimately, or at least his urges did, and President Selina Meyer feasts on the wake of his betrayal as the show finds her utterly in her element, woo-ing lesser politicians to her side, by the vilest of threats when her charm was overridden. Kate Kulzick of AV Club praises the lead. “When Selina drops the gloves and starts swinging, it’s something to see, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a blast with every word of Selina’s threats to her former supporters.” Vulture‘s Jessica Goldstein agrees “it is satisfying as hell to watch her get something she wants — more than one something, actually — in one magnificent night.” We loved it too.

The Rest of the Night:


Penny Dreadful – 8.9

Game of Thrones – 8.2

Preacher – 8.0

Silicon Valley – 7.7

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