What to Watch: 06/02/2016

A music legend is honored, a basketball legend (who did once have a Billboard Top 40 hit) mimes to a classic song from Flashdance, and a modernized fairy tale returns for one final season. These are our picks, and there’s an abundance of new and intriguing programming despite the June date.

Beauty and the Beast [CW, 9p]
The season 4 premiere finds that wedded bliss is soon interrupted, which is not how the story ends, showrunners!

Quincy Jones: Burning the Light [HBO, 10p]
No, not the producer! This is Quincy Jones the comedian, of Ellen fame whose recent Kickstarter campaign went viral. On it he explained he was diagnosed with cancer and his dying wish was to raise enough money to actually have his own comedy special. Now his dream is really happening on HBO and I’m tuning in to witness. Comedy and heart-warming feels together sound like a win-win situation.  

Lip Sync Battle [Spike, 10p]
While I don’t heartily endorse this show or product, the notion of the indomitable force of nature that is Shaq battling one of the most charmingly sarcastic comic personalities in Aisha Tyler is a must-see.



  • BBC America’s Orphan Black finds its clones at a notch above their lowest ebb. While the program is teetering on going full preposterous, there is hope of a new sort of brilliance as the show’s fourth season floats on ok.
  • Archer‘s latest two parter’s backend is also the seventh season finale. Someone is scheduled to be killed off on FX’s premier vulgar animated comedy. Now, that’s a finale.
  • Tonight’s the fourth installment of the critically-praised and LeVar Burton-approved remake of Roots, on Lifetime, A&E, and the History Channel.
  • The possible GOAT Golden State Warriors hit a surprise snag on its inevitable march to the NBA Finals, but eventually they made it and match up against the possible GOAT player LeBron and his Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer — well, enough ink has been devoted to its uneven fourth season — let’s just say, like most good sketch programs, when it’s on, it’s still very funny.


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