What to Watch: 06/01/2016

June was once a television desert, and if you judged based on our recent recap round-ups, late May’s landscape would seem it’s still that way. However, this is a new era, between the flourishing of original cable series and streaming, there’s not the same Summer replacement nightmare that use to exist and original TV is a year-around affair. Today, June 1st, there’s a bunch of debuts, one of which is our main suggestion.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
In the two-part premiere of season 7, 40 chefs present their best dish to the judges. The contestants include a Long Island fireman (of which there are three), a LA mixologist, a 20-year-old tuxedo salesman, a 5th grade teacher, a food blogger, and a professional poker player. I will never join the home cooks: my best dish is cornflake chicken, which would never win over Gordon.

The Chris Gethard Show [Fusion, 10p]
Part chaotic 80s cable variety show, part comedy revue, part talk show, and maybe more than half therapy sessions, The Chris Gethard Show is one of the most original shows on television and more on that later today. Hosted by bespectacled comic Chris Gethard (Broad City), the show drew major names for years while airing on NYC public access. In its two seasons on Fusion, Gethard has hardly upped the production value, choosing to keep the warehouse studio call-in show aesthetic. The second season ends tonight with a steel cage match between Gethard and Vacation Jason for the life of the Human Fish. And if you know those are all words, but can’t make sense of it, it’s worth learning just what the hell that means.

Maron [IFC, 10p]
Marc is finally out of rehab and back into the real world, I can’t wait. This oughta get real weird real fast.



  • The best show we’re not watching, FX’s The Americans, keeps on going with what’s apparently its best season yet.
  • Fox’s Wayward Pines digs into its second season and a mostly new landscape.
  • On NBC, watch grown humans in their peak climbing over weird nets and floaty things, before climbing a huge wall to prove they are the titular American Ninja Warrior.
  • More food and romance awaits with the surprisingly resilient Young & Hungry on Freeform (the station formerly known as ABC Family)
  • You may also be surprised to know The Night Shift is still a thing. Its third season begins tonight on NBC.

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