Tuesday’s Best (Only) Reviewed: Person of Interest

Welcome to the Person of Interest column. Between it being on every night, a lull in programming, and the show being consistently on point lately, we’ve been devoting a lot of inches to the CBS spy game.

Tuesday, May 31st’s Best: Person of Interest (10.0/10)


While it’s the only real game in town, Person of Interest doesn’t exactly win the night by default, as the scores for “The Day The World Went Away” would not be beatable on any night. With the recent twist setting the team against each other, and time running out on the series, the action has become fierce for Team Samaritan. IGN‘s Matt Fowler called the episode “a mesmerizing and devastating gateway into Person of Interest’s tragic endgame.” Sean McKenna of TV Fanatic praised the episode as “a riveting, engaging and emotional hour.”

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