Monday’s Best Reviewed: Person of Interest

It’s still slim pickings as most of the seasonal shows are slumbering for the Summer (and summer programming hasn’t kicked in), but CBS’ popular procedural Person of Interest is churning out the quality shows, and wins the night with yet another highly reviewed shows. Mistresses is surprisingly still going and kicked off its fourth season with a transformative debut that TV Fanatic loved, but AV Club felt “lack[ed] passion.”

Monday, May 30th’s Best: Person of Interest (9.0/10)


Like Michael Emerson’s other smash show, Person of Interest has hit its stride as it knows when it’s going to end. This week’s return is The Voice. IGN‘s Matt Fowler called it “a cool action-packed labyrinthine puzzle.” Sean McKenna at TV Fanatic goes further to dub it “such a satisfying ending as the core good guys were able to finally come together.”

The Rest of the Night:


12 Monkeys – 8.2

Mistresses – 6.5

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