Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Veep

Jonah for Congress on any other show would conjure up the ultimate shark-jump, but on Veep, it holds the promise of near-infinite comedy. This is happening. And between the New Hampshire hijinks and brilliant slapstick involving the c-word (another element Veep might be the only show to pull off), the HBO comedy wins the Sunday night. In a surprisingly close second, it’s a show which rarely gets any reviews, Starz’ The Girlfriend Experience, with a thrilling episode AV Club‘s Kyle Fowle calls a “perfectly-pitched waking nightmare of an episode.” Mostly the night was rife with praise, the only off-night going to the other HBO half-hour comedy, as Silicon Valley loses some focus now that the gang has been temporarily lifted from peril. As Vulture‘s Odie Henderson puts it, this episode “is a bit of a letdown after several weeks of intense, suspenseful, plot-heavy machinations.”

Sunday, May 29th’s Best: Veep (9.5/10)


As we must suspect — and quickly see in “C**tgate,” — Jonah will always be the oafish, abusive nutcase, even when thrust into a Congressional run by his uncle Peter McNicol. Kate Kulzick at AV Club dubs it “a great start to what should be a glourious train wreck.” In a five-star review, Jessica Goldstein of Vulture praises “one of the most powerful images in Veep‘s five seasons: Selina is in a bathrobe, smoking a cigarette in the Oval Office. It’s after hours. Amy arrives. It’s just these two women, in the room where it happens, this space that has excluded and continues to exclude women, and they’re just in there, talking about what it’s like to deal with rampant, relentless misogyny.”

The Rest of the Night:


The Girlfriend Experience – 9.0

Game of Thrones – 8.7

Penny Dreadful – 8.1

Silicon Valley – 6.8

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