What to Watch: 05/29/2016

While it’s technically still a few weeks til Summer, the actual season, tonight’s a night to chime in Summer, the concept. It’s time to wear white, start going to beaches, chomp on a chili dog outside the Tastee Freeze — although maybe not all those three things at once, as so many things could go wrong there. But don’t mind us, we’ll just be sitting in here with the AC on blast, picking out programs for you to enjoy.

The Carmichael Show [NBC, 8p]
What happens when one of the smartest shows on television tackles one of the dumbest political movements in ages? With Jerrod Carmichael, who really knows, as his comedy so often hinges on pushing buttons, challenging deeply held notions, and subverting expectations. In any case, Joe dons a Trump hat, Maxine gets liberally peeved, and Jerrod tries to have an “open mind.” Where it all winds up is anyone’s guess, but I’m excited to take the ride.

Game of Thrones [HBO, 9p]
I just can’t quit this show, no matter how many direwolves or innocents they kill. Something big is brewing so I don’t dare look away this week, not with Sansa finally calling the shots and learning the game of poli-tricks. Besides, you only live twice amirite, Jon Snow?

National Memorial Day Concert [PBS, 8p]
Gary Sinise continues to honor his deal with the devil and hosts this year’s concert on the National Mall. Come to honor the veterans buried in Arlington National Cemetery (there’s some Hills there!), stay for the NSO.



  • On Showtime’s House of Lies, Marty and the Pod woo an old boy band client, while the others deal with various trappings of fame.
  • Later that night on Showtime, it’s Penny Dreadful, one of the best reviewed shows of the year.
  • If you missed last week’s premier of the promising comic-book adaptation Preacher, you get another chance tonight on AMC. Then watch Chris Hardwick nerd out about it with the cast on the debut of Talking Preacher (yeah, the title construct is starting to lose its elasticity.
  • After Thrones, it’s HBO’s one-two critically-hailed comedy punch of Silicon Valley and Veep. On the former, Richard eases back into being CEO, and on the latter, our sorta title character clings to her last hopes of being elected prez.
  • Celebrities team up with chefs to defeat each other in food-related challenges. Even by reality competition standards, Celebrity Food Fight stretches the definition of celebrity, but Alias-star and Lost-pilot pilot Greg Grunberg getting “gooey” could be fun.


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