What to Watch: 05/28/2016

We’re going off the serial path for tonight’s suggestions — not that there’s much new stuff on with even SNL slumbering for the summer. So, what we’ve got is two movies with adults acting childish and one with Jack Black bringing hope the ape.

King Kong [NBC, 8p]
Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning 2005 remake lacks the charm of the original, but his Kong is pretty spectacular, even 11 years later.

Step Brothers [Comedy, 6:30p]
This heart-warming tale about two jobless middle-aged men still living at home is what classic tales are made of. In case you are not traveling for Memorial Day get whisked away to the F$%^& Catalina Wine Mixer with your fave blended family from the comfort of your couch.

Big [Pop, 9p]
One day as a kid, I was walking home from a friend’s house by the Hudson River, and looked across at the base of the Palisades to see a random carnival. It stayed there for three days and was wonderful and mysterious. About a year later, saw this movie and realized it was the source of the pop-up amusement park — built for the scene where young Josh makes his wish to be “big”…and becomes Tom Hanks. It’s a magical film which matched that magical moment and almost thirty years later, it still holds up.


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