What to Watch: 05/27/2016

Most regular Friday scripted shows have signed off for the Summer — and there weren’t that many to begin with. However, to paraphrase Hall of Fame football coach Marv Levy, when the programming is too sparse for others, it’s just right for our editors. We got you.


Chef’s Table [Netflix]

Season 2 of the critically acclaimed documentary series premieres today and can be described as Top Chef on steroids. Tune in for the inspiring stories behind the world’s most interesting chefs.


Real Time with Bill Maher [HBO, 10p]

It’s a terrific line-up on the Smug One’s show tonight, including brilliant MSNBC castaway (what were they thinking?!?!) Melissa Harris-Perry, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, and some 70-something Vermont politician with whom you may be familiar.



  • About the lone scripted holdout is Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, which has its heroine on a spiral before joining in on a new quest.
  • On Food Network, Hoboken chef Buddy Valestro goes on-the-road with his fam on Buddy’s Family Vacation. First new stops are in Delaware and South Carolina.


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