Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Orphan Black

Ok, we knew this day would come. With the standard 2015-16 TV season winding down, there just aren’t very many shows airing; however it’s a new landscape, so it’s yet to see whether there will be enough Summer programming to keep this afloat. As it stands, there were two shows with enough reviews to qualify, Archer and Orphan Black, and they received almost exactly the same reviews, and the sci-fi mindscrew wins the night strictly by fortune of being reviewed decently by TV Fanatic.

Thursday, May 26th’s Best: Orphan Black (7.7/10)


We’ve yet to see if they’ve won back our own Navani Otero, but in a two-horse race, Syfy’s clone-y thriller ekes out a Thursday night critical score. Vulture‘s Devon Maloney gives Orphan Black credit for bouncing back from “last week’s emotional terrorism,” before acknowledging they “burst into tears three times” during this week’s episode. Lisa Weidenfeld of AV Club generally enjoys the episode and likes that it has “slow[ed] the pace down a bit,” but does feel the season has become a “bit like a slog.”

The Rest of the Night:


Archer – 7.5

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