Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: The Americans

It’s another Wednesday, and another victory for FX’s beloved Cold War spy drama, as the Jennings host their own particular brand of dinner party. Last night’s finales were polarizing at best, and hated at worst. Arrow gets the worst of it as the showdown with fire-throwing Damien Dahrk earns the lowest grade I’ve seen from both IGN & Vulture (well, outsvultureoverflow.jpgide of Trump-invaded sketch shows), an flummoxed the latter to the point their headline teaser rambled out of bounds
, but AV Club‘s Alasdair Wilkins enjoyed “Schism” enough to give it a “B.” IGN‘s Matt Fowler had the kindest words for Supernatural‘s eleventh season closer, opening by calling it “a fairly flat, inert season finale.” Nashville‘s all-time finale fared better — while it had its detractors, TV Fanatic‘s Jay Ruymann loved it, awarding it a perfect five and musing “It’s a shame that in Nashville’s final bow they decided to write the best episode they’ve ever had.” Our own Katherine M. Hill also loved it — keep an eye out for our wrap-up later today. The unlikely return of M. Night Shamalayan’s dystopian future earned mostly solid reviews, although Craig D. Lindsay of  Vulture did not care for it, wondering “is it already running on fumes” (Vulture seemed to be in a mood today).

Wednesday, May 25th’s Best: The Americans (9.0/10)


“Dinner For Seven” is not merely metaphor as this week’s episode of FX’s The Americans has our “heroes” hosting a dinner party, with their own special style. IGN‘s Eric Goldman outright rejoices: “What an incredible season this is! The Americans – which just got renewed for two final seasons (rejoice!) – has been delivering week after week this year, and “Dinner for Seven” was no exception.” Carissa Pavlica of TV Fanatic gives the episode a high grade, while making the understatement of the year: “I’m also inclined to believe that a Soviet living in America would probably be the very worst gig.” Ya think?

The Rest of the Night:


Nashville – 7.5

Wayward Pines – 7.0

Supernatural – 5.9

Arrow – 5.2

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