What to Watch: 05/25/2016

It’s a night of finales — capped by a cult series’ ending with an accidentally passive-aggressive episode title. There’s also the return of M. Night Shamalayan’s best work in ages. To the TV shows…

Nashville [ABC, 10p]
Nashville comes to its end tonight–the series has not been renewed, and tonight’s episode will not resolve all storylines. Hopefully Will’s becoming a “leader for a cause” means he’ll be out and proud forever, and Juliette’s public confrontation of Jeff’s death will bring her peace.

Maron [IFC, 9p]
Maron’s road back to recovery is a bumpy one trying to navigate being the oldest peson in his rehab and the sad realization he has nowhere to run away to.

Wayward Pines [Fox, 9p]
It’s not without a touch of wariness that I recommend this. The first season of Wayward Pines contained some clever writing, torrid acting, and a unique twist, that for the first time in over a decade for MNS, didn’t seem forced — but it also descended into a bit of nonsense and chaos at the end. And did it really even warrant a second season. But it’s a new beginning, featuring a few returning characters, notably Hope Davis’ creepy guidance counselor. She’s always welcome. We’ll see where they go with season two.



  • Speaking of surprising second seasons and Fox, RosewoodIt’s first season finale is tonight. On Fox.
  • God speaks tonight. About Amara. And Sam & Dean wait. On Supernatural. Of course, it’s The CW.
  • It’s the conclusion of a stirring two-part finale featuring a case that hits too close to home for the Law & Order: SVU gang. On NBC.
  • Arrow hopes to pierce the magical villainy of Dankh on its fourth season closer.
  • Meanwhile, The Americans is quietly having another stellar season of spy games on FX.

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