Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Person of Interest

Person of Interest continues its frenetic assault of two-a-week action-filled, well-received episodes. The techno-thriller wins another night with a double-shot of episodes (so, actually three-this-week), although this week we really do have to drag out that old Simpsons clip as outside of the Ben Linus & Jesus As Government Assassins Show, it’s not particularly a night of free-flowing raves. Vulture loves the “Chinese polite fight” of last night’s Fresh Off the Boat finale, while The Real O’Neals scored solid results for its prom finale, although AV Club‘s Ashley Ray-Harris is still shocked it was renewed as she “was prepared to write a One-Season Wonder piece on the quirky little show.” Generally a critical darling, The Flash and its dramatic showdown piece of a fourth season finale, speedily elicited a resounding “meh” from the TV recapping crowd. Finally, Awkward. pops into our round-up for the first time with its finale which made most of us say “what” and “why?”

Tuesday, May 24th’s Best: Person of Interest (8.6/10)


Person of Interest, which apparently — at least based on the picture above — contains 100% more Scott Adsit than your average show, takes the night with a conspiracy theory-heavy episode. That last part is also indicated by picture but confirmed by IGN‘s Matt Fowler who enjoyed the complex goings on as the show “ramped up the Samaritan conspiracy arc.” Meanwhile, Sean McKenna at TV Fanatic felt it “fun to get to watch back-to-back adventures with the POI team.”

The Rest of the Night:


Fresh Off the Boat – 7.7

The Real O’Neals – 7.7

The Night Manager – 6.8

The Flash – 6.6

Awkward. – 3.5

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