Monday’s Best Reviewed: Blindspot

The May Sweeps are starting to die down, and fewer shows are throwing their hat in this mysterious bin. Of the five shows that qualified last night, there is one clear loser. Much maligned Gotham did not do any sort of 180, and even its friendliest critic of the night, Lisa Babick at TV Fanatic, opened with “what a disappointment!” Freshman puzzler Blindspot  eked out the victory with a finale that raised more tantalizing questions than it offered answers. 12 Monkeys continued to curry fans with an episode IGN‘s Christine Seghers deemed “great” for “raising the stakes.”

Monday, May 23rd’s Best: Blindspot (8.5/10)


With a complex, action-packed finale, NBC mystery Blindspot wins the Monday night review wars for the first time ever. TV Fanatic‘s Kelly Thompson loves the finale and raves “Blindspot has had one of the best first seasons I’ve watched in some time.” Leslie Pariseau at Vulture also enjoyed its finish, and writes a beautiful recap, though damned if I can find a pull quote.

The Rest of the Night:

12 Monkeys – 8.4

Person of Interest – 7.9

Reign – 7.3

Gotham – 5.5

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