What to Watch: 05/23/2016

There’s so many finales to select from today, it’s making us a tad bit queasy. Therefore, we figured we’d take a sick day, and watch people excitedly bidding on windex bottles, cream of wheat, aaaaand a braaaand new car! Hopefully Aaron Paul drops by to reprise his earlier role. Oh wait, it’s a Survivor tie-in. Still, more Aaron Paul!

The Price is Right: Survivor Primetime Edition [CBS, 8p]
CBS, are you out of ideas? Because I have some, and my screenwriting is…not bad. Pairing Survivor superfans with Survivor’s former castaways (and later cast members of Amazing Race and Big Brother) to play The Price Is Right feels a little forced.

The Price is Right: Survivor Primetime Edition [CBS, 8p]
Tuning in for a special primetime edition of the show that helped me be a better grocery shopper.

The Price is Right: Survivor Primetime Edition [CBS, 8p]
I could not care less about Survivor, but this is not a bad comment, and they should be some bad-ass Plinko players, so here we are. Even money on someone painting a bare chest with something like “Rockin’ Cleveland For Drew.”



  •  Blindspot ends its first season (on NBC) with an episode which sees the team turning to a familiar face to try and solve its central mystery
  • FOX’s Gotham wraps up a troubled, wrathful season with a prison break.
  • Internet dating closes the second season of CBS’ quietly surviving The Odd Couple.
  • Sam Bee took on SuperPACs last week on her TBS program — this week, it’s vaping.
  • UnREAL, a look behind the scenes of a fictional reality dating show, was quietly one of the best shows on television. Tonight on Lifetime, a preview of Season 2.



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