What to Watch: 05/20/2016

It’s a Friday and there’s a new show with Maria Bamford talking about her mental illness, so suffice to say, that’s got a lot of our attention tonight.

Lady Dynamite [Netflix]
Netflix has proven itself the champ of clever shows that confront mental illness head on, so Maria Bamford is a perfect fit. She’s never been shy about her battle with personal demons, but she’s also never had a series. This…is going to be good…and smart, and funny, and real.

Lady Dynamite [Netflix]
More funny women together, yes please. Looking forward to seeing Tig Notaro guest star!

I Love Lucy Superstar Special [CBS, 8p]
Well, actually, this is what my parents are watching. Colorized film and television results in seeing only red. Tonight CBS presents two episodes of I Love Lucy, colorized to suit modern needs. John Wayne stars as himself in two episode, including the classic where, whoops, his slab in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is stolen.



  • We all kinda know if there wasn’t an amazing Maria Bamford debut, Jason would be all about the Grimm season finale. #CureWu
  • Undercover Boss sends the subterfuge-ing head of company to his real estate concern to ferret out any concerns…always a fun time!


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