What to Watch: 05/19/2016

The 2015-16 is closing itself down like the unused portions of a psychological thriller. But even as some seasons fade away, others pop up, often in the most unlikely corners. It’s the circle of TV. Let’s examine more closely.

The Blacklist [NBC, 9p]
The Blacklist is the Jurassic Park of shows. While you’re watching it, it’s thrilling and amazing and practically knocks you out with its emotional super-punches, but the more you are away from it, it just seems silly. But go with your heart, it’s the season finale, and you know that’s where Redd Reddington excels.

Thingstarter [Seeso]
Scripted comedy series based at a start up that builds ridiculous products pokes fun at all things tech. In my mind I’m essentially picturing Ilana’s job from Broad City but as a start up and I’m so in for that.

Bones [Fox, 8p]
The Jeffersonian hires a new intern. Didn’t someone tell him this show is ending soon?



  • Word has it Grey‘s has been an emotional megastorm this season, and you think they’ll slow down in the finale? Shondaland fan, please! Also, her newest show, The Catchwinds up its first season tonight on ABC.
  • Inside Amy Schumer has had a rocky fourth season, but even the harshest critics will admit there have been some classic scenes. Tonight’s targets are buses, abstinence, and facial limbs. It’s on Comedy Central.
  • Orphan Black, on BBC America, may be the best show on television, but we can’t put it in our recommendations every week.
  • On The CW, Rip needs to get the gang back in time so that their brothers and sisters don’t fade from that photograph they all keep in their pockets (why don’t they disappear immediately when the past is changed?). While that’s obviously the wrong time-travel story, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow do return to shortly after the time where our first season began.
  • Finally, both mother and daughter need to face some hurtful truths before we call it a wrap on the third season of CBS’ Mom.


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