What to Watch: 05/11/2016

Let’s just sweep into a sweeps month Wednesday.

Chelsea [Netflix]
Chelsea Handler returns to Netflix, and who knows just what she’ll say next?

Nashville [ABC, 10p]
This show is totally off-the-rails, and I threw in the towel, but Juliette is going to meet Kesha. (The moment is probably Blink And You Miss It.) Shake some sense into her, Kesha!

The Middle [ABC, 8p]
Frankie Heck goes a bit too far — like she do — using technology to enforce a curfew on her college-age kids, while Brick tries to find the valedictorian who somehow isn’t him. It’s the Heck wheelhouse defined.



  • If you are old enough, you remember just how mind-shatteringly, nightmare-inducingly scary the Cold War nuclear oblivion TV movie The Day After was. Well, now, that FX’s The Americans has hit that part of 1983, we can watch some Russian spies face that experience. Good luck Jennings. Oh, also they’re trying to stop their own apocalypse.
  • Hakeem, Laura, Cookie, Lucious and others all do a bunch of Empirey stuff to build that empire. Empire!
  • A double-shot of offshoot Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on CBS features South African gangs and Cuban spree killers, for those who are jonesing for more behavior analyzin’ drama.
  • We’re suckers for flu-ish comedy, and Blackish may provide tonight on ABC.

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