What to Watch: 05/10/2016

It’s a night of finales, which will include a wedding, presuming it goes on; a proposal, given the wooer can get up the courage; and the big case solved, if a certain Grinder can rest. Sadly, it could be the last curtain for two of those shows unless fans can convince FOX that the low-rated programs deserve another shot.

The Grinder [Fox, 9:30p]
If Crazy Ex-Girlfriend didn’t exist, the rhythmically paced meta lawyer/fish-out-of-water/family sitcom The Grinder would easily be the most enchantingly clever freshman show of 2015-16. Unfortunately, as one of the lowest rated shows on television, its chances for renewal are slim, and it’s up to us…the fans…to write the third act…or is it? Or at least watch the finale, because it should be…epic! Or will it be? … … Probably!

New Girl [NBC, 8&9p]
It’s wedding day for Schmidt & CeCe. What could go wrong?

BattleBots [ABC, 10p]
Preview 12 of season 2’s robots before the competition kicks off next month.



  • The Grinder‘s lead-in, John Stamos vehicle Grandfatheredis also relatively well-reviewed and on the chopping block, with last hopes riding tonight on a finale featuring couples falling apart and coming together.
  • Both of The Real O’Neals‘ plots revolve around well-traveled tv tropes — the sibling rivalry, the dad trying to hard to be fun — but trust the young ABC show to find a fresh spin on it.
  • Speaking of ABC and fun parents, Louis tries to help Emery at being cool while Jessica attempts the fun role on Fresh Off the Boat.
  • Barry and his team are separated on The CW’s The Flash.

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