Monday’s Best Reviewed: Bates Motel

With an episode which cuts to the origin of the basic twist of the Psycho universe, Bates Motel has its best reviewed episode to date. It was a banner night for series based on movies hitting revelatory notes, as 12 Monkeys continued its strong notices — this week for an episode which uncovered the scope of the potential apocalypse. Jane the Virgin had something of an off week with a relenovela-within-the-soap-opera heavy offering, but Oliver Sava at the AV Club still loves ya. Plus, the show still wins for lening its name to the exquisite pun-diss of Silicon Valley‘s Dinesh, “Chain the Virgin.” This Monday’s caboose is freshman puzzler Blindspot, but it still earned a rave from TV Fanatic’s Kelly Thompson, admitting the ending gave her “goose bumps all over [her] arms.”

Monday, May 9th’s Best: Bates Motel (9.8/10)


Not to spoil a film that’s over a half-century old, and whose twist is already the stuff of Americana, but we know what ultimately happens to Norma Bates, which makes it all the more remarkable how effectively the show lands the mother’s goodnight. Vulture‘s Brian Tellerico calls the power of the death the “culmination of four seasons of character development. That’s quite an accomplishment for the series, which has never been better.” Alex McCown at AV Club labels “Forever” “wonderful,” and marvels at how something that was so inevitable could yet be a shocker.

The Rest of the Night:


12 Monkeys – 8.8

Person of Interest – 8.3

Jane the Virgin – 7.3

Gotham – 7.1

Reign – 7.0

Blindspot – 6.8


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