Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Silicon Valley

It’s not TV that rules this Sunday, it’s HBO. On a week that saw a cool-ass AV Club feature about their groundbreaking 32-year-old intro, the cable institution’s Sunday night line-up takes three of the top four slots in our round-up of the best reviewed episodes. Silicon Valley returns to form as the ragtag gang of developers come to terms with their new product — the box Richard ran up the flagpole for the sales team as an example of the absurd only to stagger aghast when the gaggle of type-A’ers saluted. Veep delivers as always, with an episode that allows comic legend Martin Mull to shine as a political operative who, to put it kindly, may have lost his focus. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones digs in its heels in the crazy and fans certainly are along for the ride (as illustrated in AV Club’s grade distance between newbie and expert reviews — man, I love that they do that).

You deserved far better, Diane! FAR better!

On the other end of the table, The Good Wife finale leaves waves of dissatisfaction in its wake, as the only review with a positive grade (TV Fanatic) boasts the headline “That’s the End?!?!” and a second paragraph, “What the hell was that?” It can still boast beating the zombies who exist in a world where the word “zombie” doesn’t exist, as Fear the Walking Dead inches closer to “C” [grade] level as the Abigail drifts further out to sea.

Sunday, May 8th’s Best Reviewed: Silicon Valley (9.7/10)



We get to learn more of the soft-spoken, big-box carrying evil that is CEO Jack Barker while the gang sets up for an Oceans-style heist — and the inevitable montage — in one of the best episodes of Silicon Valley to date. Les Chappell of AV Club admires the narrative bravery of the show, how it “takes a pleasure so perverse in subverting those high points that it’s impossible not to respect and appreciate,” in this case the skunk works plan (aka heist) that the show so effortlessly upends before fading to black. IGN‘s Max Nicholson declares the show “three for three” on the season, gushing “the execution of the montage and utter failure of the guys’ plan were both great.” We loved the character development as well.

The Rest of the Night:

The Eagle Has Crash Landed

Veep – 9.0

Bob’s Burgers – 9.0

Game of Thrones – 8.5

Penny Dreadful – 8.3

The Last Man on Earth – 8.0

Once Upon a Time – 7.6

Elementary – 7.0

Quantico – 7.0

The Good Wife – 6.8

Fear the Walking Dead – 6.3

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