What to Watch: 05/08/2016

After seven years, it’s the final turn of the cards for the show about a certain steady spouse. At its best, The Good Wife was one of the most potent dramas, a factory creating delighted, yet stunned gasps. However, that none of our editors, two of whom were huge fans, use its series finale as our pick is telling of its semi-fall from grace. “Do you remember the last time we were happy?” [see promo], indeed. That being said, we still give it better than 50/50 to go out on a classically high note. Here’s what we feel like writing about today.

Veep [HBO, 10:30p]
Besides learning the correct pronunciation of Nevada last week we were left with gasp, a sub-plot between Amy and Dan! What will happen now that Amy’s invite for a nightcap wasn’t received thus leaving Dan to his own devices? Did his quest for a job on TV lead him into Amy’s sister’s bed?? Oh the horror.

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 8:30p]
It’s the return of Boo Boo, the precious-looking youngest member of boy band Boyz 4 Now (voiced by Max Greenfield) and Louise’s first crush. There’s also a side plot featuring Bob & Jimmy Pesto measuring some part of their anatomy, which has boom or bust potential.

A Mother’s Revenge [Lifetime, 8p]
A woman finds her daughter’s life in in danger when she accidentally picks up the wrong bag at the airport. Has no one seen the flashbacks in OITNB?



  • Bye Alicia! It’s been a wild ride, but The Good Wife goes out tonight at 9/8c on CBS, certainly with a bang, one way or another.
  • Same network, one hour earlier time, we find out if Madam Secretary will have to change its name to Madam Private Citizen next year — you know, like how Veep is now titled Prez, a fact easily contradicted by earlier in this article.
  • Speaking of shows with names which have long since become misleading: on The Last Man on Earth, Todd (who’s not the titular character) feels the third wheel (that number, again, not “one”), as LMOE Tandy bonds further with his brother (another one of many left on earth in this reality)
  • Hey! Hey! Game of Thrones! How many characters will you kill today. On HBO. Follow that up with Silicon Valley and the fight for Pied Piper’s relevance, and Veep (see above).
  • As in this franchise’s original show, the living will surely continue to be as much, if not more, of a danger as the infected on Fear the Walking Dead on AMC. Particularly in an episode that promises a former torturer taking up his old tools.
  • Can’t say enough about The Carmichael Show on NBC. This week’s big-ass topic is gender roles, pitting Jerrod against Maxine.

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