What to Watch: 05/07/2016

Not to belabor (slowly, over multiple weeks) the issue, but Saturdays are a vast wasteland for television. What I hadn’t noticed is that so much new Saturday programming is obsessed with death, dying, defying death, making others dead, and so on — from Deadliest Catch to The Dead Files to The First 48: Drugs That Kill to NHL playoff games going to sudden death. We’ve gone in the opposite direction — new songs, new jokes, new love — with one exception.

SNL [NBC, 11:35p]
On the heels of releasing a new single “In Common” off her upcoming album Alicia Keys will grace the stage of SNL this week. I’m excited to hear another new track, fingers crossed.

A Country Wedding [Hallmark, 8p]
In this gender-swapped Sweet Home Alabama a country music star (Jesse Metcalfe!), engaged to an actress, goes home to sell his childhood house only to run into the girl he “proposed” to as a child. One assumes they get married and live in the house–and in my wildest dreams, he leaves the country music world behind to sell candles, since that’s what women do in Hallmark’s movies.

Deadly Possessions [Travel, 9p]
This is not usually my bag, but this is a unique angle at the morbidly provocative. This episode of this roadside attraction of shows that looks at props involved in macabre cases, examines vehicles, including one that always fascinated me, the boat that Natalie Wood allegedly slipped off before being swallowed by the sea.



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