What to Watch: 05/06/2016

Tonight, Dan Savage and Lily Tomlin have starkly contrasting views to Adele — who nonetheless is singing her darling heart out. Or, those first two are on shows we suggest you watch tonight — well Adele still sings her heart out (on an NBC special).

Grace & Frankie [Netflix]
The Netflix show featuring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda as uneasy longtime friends returns after a promising first season.

Real Time with Bill Maher [HBO, 10p]
Tonight’s guests on Bill Maher’s always provocative talk show include columnist Dan Savage and whatever Ann Coulter — there’s a good chance they’ll disagree on a few issues, but word is they both enjoyed the backstage flan. Well, I doubt there was flan in the spread, but there should have been, and if there were, they’d probably still disagree. I just want flan. Someone please bring me some flan!

Adele Live In New York City [NBC, 8p]
Adele says Hello from this late 2015 concert filmed at Radio City Music Hall. Get close with backstage footage, because tickets to Adele are as prevalent as they are to Hamilton.


Not much. Not even anything which warrants hunting down an image. It’s a murder that hits too close to home on the penultimate episode of the sixth (wow, huh?!) of Hawaii Five-O and a police shooting touches off anger in the community in the actual ultimate episode of Blue Bloods‘ sixth season.


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