Thursday’s Best Reviewed: The 100

While it’s kinda by Homer Simpson’s sweetest two words in the English language, the remarkably consistent The 100 wins Thursday night that harks upon the dangers in the dystopia of becoming the danger you fear. Scandal hasn’t been feted with love and dandy reviews this season, but “Trump Card” — aired in this week that Trumps are seared into the national min — settles the ship in the storm, if with some resorting to Shonda-isms (see AV Club‘s favorable review). It’s Shonda Rhimes’ original show that winds up in the distant rear, but mostly due to one brutal review. Vulture‘s Maggie Fremont and others were willing to go along with the plot holes and “rough” stories and enjoy the drama.

Thursday, May 5th’s Best: The 100 (8.2/10)


From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to The Walking Dead, the perils in a treacherous world  of considering your own actions beyond reproach have driven many a bingeworthy show. Oh, yes, it’s also something we should look out for. This phenomenon has been creeping into The 100 world as it becomes more dark (and more lovely), coming to a head in an episode the AV Club‘s Kyle Fowle calls “tense but flawed.” Two things he’d like to see more of are Luna (“what a badass”) and “how Clarke and the gang are essentially trying to kill their own people. Clarke kind of mentions it here, but there’s the potential for so much more.” Eric Goldman of IGN surveys the wreckage setting up the final episodes of the season and concludes “It’s an exciting situation to be sure.”

The Rest of the Night:


Scandal – 7.2

Orphan Black – 7.1

The Big Bang Theory – 7.0

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 6.8

Grey’s Anatomy – 5.8

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